The history of the company began in 2004, when the Fittipaldi Menarini family decided to buy land in Bolgheri and plant vineyards and olive trees. The fame of Bolgheri wines is by now consolidated in the world, but that is not the main reason for choosing the territory. “Bolgheri is above all a state of mind”, reads the presentation of the Protection Consortium and Maria Fittipaldi Menarini with her four daughters Carlotta, Giulia, Serena and Valentina immediately realize this.

They are fascinated by the place, the climate, by the atmosphere, by the light of the sea which is reflected on the vineyards, by the poignant panoramas, by the perfumes, by the medieval villages, by the kindness of the inhabitants.

They decide to indulge the genius loci and move towards a production of absolute standing with those Bordeaux vines that have proven to offer very high quality results in this corner of Tuscany: they plant Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec.

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the company

The company is based in the Tenuta la Pineta, on the Via Bolgherese and covers 46 hectares in the heart of the Bolgheri Denomination. Of these, 10 hectares are planted with vines with further expansion projects. There are also 1,200 olive trees with which extra virgin olive oil is produced.

The technical staff is made up of the agronomist Stefano Bartolomei and the oenologist Emiliano Falsini.

The average production stands at almost 70,000 bottles, marketed in equal parts on the Italian market and on the Anglo-Saxon market. Donne Fittipaldi is a member of the Consortium for the Protection of DOC  Bolgheri and DOC Bolgheri Sassicaia wines.


Each of the daughters has her own profession, but they all share a passion, that of wine, which has grown since they got involved in a sector that is history, culture, science, art and philosophy of life. The union with art consolidates everyone’s passion: from the very beginning, donne Fittipaldi has been linked to the artist and friend Giorgio Restelli, known as Giores, for the creation of almost all of his labels.

From Giores comes the idea of ​​the name “donne Fittipaldi”, followed by the project ‘Stolen Legs’ where the artist transforms, with an action painting, based on enamels and acrylics, one of his photographs, printed on canvas, constantly representing the feminine sinuosity. Its red labels are three: Bolgheri Rosso Superiore DOC women, Bolgheri Rosso DOC women and Malaroja IGT Toscana Malbec. These were joined by two other joyfully feminine labels: the Lady F Orpicchio and the “5” Rosato Sparkling Ancestrale.

The other two labels are instead the work of one of the daughters, Giulia. For the Magnetic, in an ingenious and original way, he reproduced the magnetic eye of the mother, so bewitching that it seems to want to capture the sensations from the taster’s mind. The label of the red DF 2020, on the other hand, is as simple as it is representative of the Fittipaldi women’s style.