“Bubbles look like a spritz, lively wine is very fashionable”
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“donne Fittipaldi: an all-female company in Bolgheri, in the heart of Tuscany”
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“There is a plan for each of us, the paths of our lives even when they are the most distant and unthinkable, it happens that they meet as if by magic”.

I have never believed in strategies or projects created on the table. Rather, from life experience, I believe in those “stumbles” that happen unexpectedly along the way.

donne Fittipaldi was born out of nowhere, materializes and grows naturally with a fluid succession of events: slow as the time needed to improve the quality of its content.

Having found myself, with my daughters, in 2006 with a niche production of that “nectar” later called donne Fittipaldi, as a natural consequence of my all-female family.

This is how this company was born, which was then consolidated in the following years, up until today.

My goal has always been to produce wines of great elegance and harmony but above all capable of transmitting all the character of the great Bolgheri names, famous throughout the world for their quality.

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