Bolgheri Rosso 55

Bolgheri Rosso Doc

Bolgheri Rosso is donne Fittipaldi’s entry wine. An everyday companion, with a strong sense of origin: Bolgheri. Pleasant and full of character, fresh and impulsive. A bright red, fruity yet complex, easy to drink and match to a varied choice of food, a unique and peculiar interpretation of this classic terroir.
Bolgheri Superiore 2022

Bolgheri Rosso Superiore Doc

Bolgheri Superiore donne Fittipaldi is the wine that better represents the essence of Bolgheri, the extraordinary capability to deliver great wines with a strong mediterrenean character, bright but at the same time refined and elegant. A great red made with meticolous care, both in the vinerayd and in the cellar where nature is encouraged to show its most beautiful form.
Magnetic 2022

Bolgheri Rosso Magnetic

Bolgheri Rosso Magnetic, made from Cabernet Franc grapes of the oldest piece of land, grew in our historical vineyard on the Bolgherese way and it represents our modern interpretation of wine history. Magnetic is aged in cocciopesto amphora and represents the varietal character, the purity and the essence of this wine variety which finds in the Bolgheri area one of its highest expression. In our perspective we want to reinterpret the present harking back to the past.
Malaroja 2022

Malaroja Malbec

Like a tanacious woman, we love challenges and for this reason we decided to experiment with Malbec, a grape of great charm but not very popular in Bolgheri. Malaroja was thus born, a limited and exclusive production of this harmonious red wine with a big structure and even bigger personality, the jewel in the crown of the Donne Fittipaldi project.
Dfrosso Vini

DF rosso

The result is a wine with a deep and brilliant ruby red colour, with intense aromas of small berries such as raspberry and strawberry, accompanied by floral notes and a pleasant sweet spiciness. The taste is pleasantly fruity, slender with a vigorous freshness and soft thanks to a smooth and sweet tannic texture. Its long aromatic persistence of a true purebred wine is impressive.
5 2022

“5” Rosato Frizzante Ancestrale

Donne Fittipxaldi Frizzante Ancestrale Rosato I.G.T. Toscana is a wine that is out of the box. It is the only one of its kind, and the first example from its area of a wine that undergoes a natural second fermentation in the bottle, without being disgorged. It is a wine that is fresh and fruity, to be drunk on any occasion. It allows you to share the vivacity, attractiveness and delicacy of a glass of semi-sparkling wine, thanks to the characteristics conferred by this method of vinification on the grapes cultivated in our vineyards at Bolgheri.
Ladyf 2022

Lady F Orpicchio

In a land celebrated for its red wines, we felt compelled to make a great white, unique and distinctive, too, and for these reasons we made up our minds on planting an indigenous Tuscan variety called Orpicchio. To this day, we are the only ones to produce a wine using this grape and we strongly believe in its potential. It’s a wine capable of great evolution and aging, with original and expressive aromas and taste. Our white.